On average, it takes about 20 years to double your income / money and with inflation of about 2.2% to 11.3% (depending on your country) the value in 20 years is actually going to be less than today.

With my proven methods & strategies, you should have five times (X5) your income every 11 months or less.

This is irrespective of industry, country or current position.

What to Expect
  • How to land a high paying job
  • How to switch jobs/industry easily
  • How to lead your organisation
  • Double your income
  • Initiate your next promotion
  • Performing at your peak everyday
Additional Content
  • Monthly live call
  • Job opportunity at top organisations

The Mentorship program is not available at this time but here is 60 days free on Scribd and you can read my recommendations.

Performance & Business Success Recommendations

Principles by Ray Dalio

Think like a Billionaire by James Altucher

Trillion Dollar Coach by by Eric Schmidt

Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

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