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In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to use technology to make things easier and attract more customers. Colonics Lagos, a colon hydrotherapy business, wanted to do just that. They partnered with Meckanzy Venture Studio (MVS) to modernize their operations and make their customers happier. This case study explains the simple steps MVS took to help Colonics Lagos grow and make more money.

Step 1: Understanding the Business

MVS started by learning how Colonics Lagos worked. They looked for things that caused problems or took too much time. Understanding the business helped MVS know how to help.

Step 2: Creating a Special Website

MVS made a special website for Colonics Lagos. The website allowed customers to book appointments online and get reminders automatically. This made it easier for customers and saved time for the staff.

Step 3: Making Customers Happier

MVS wanted to make customers happy. They made the website easy to use, so customers could find information and appointments easily. The website also lets the clinic talk to customers better, making them feel cared for.

Step 4: Easy Payments

To make things simple for customers, MVS added easy payment options on the website. Customers could pay online, so they didn’t need to use cash at the clinic. This helped the clinic get paid faster. We worked with GTbank’s Squad for this.

Step 5: Using Data to Make Smart Choices

MVS used smart tools to collect data. This data showed what was working well and what needed improvement. It helped Colonics Lagos make better decisions.

Step 6: Helping the Staff

MVS trained the clinic’s staff to use the new technology. This made them feel confident and happy to use the new tools.




Meckanzy Venture Studio’s work with Colonics Lagos brought great results:


  1. Less Stress: The new technology helped the clinic with administrative tasks, making the staff’s work easier.
  2. More Efficient: The new online booking system reduced waiting times, so more customers could be seen.
  3. Happier Customers: The user-friendly website made customers happy, and they told others about the clinic.
  4. More Money: The improved operations and happy customers brought more revenue to Colonics Lagos.



Meckanzy Venture Studio’s partnership with Colonics Lagos shows how simply using technology can help a business grow. By understanding the business, creating a user-friendly website, and making customers happy, MVS helped Colonics Lagos succeed. The case study proves that using technology smartly can make a business stand out and succeed in today’s world. As Colonics Lagos continues to grow, other businesses can learn from their success story and use technology to unlock new growth opportunities.